Car key programming Rochester, NY

Car key programming in Rochester, NY

My Locksmith provides car key programming services for residents of Rochester, NY and the surrounding areas.

The reason for car key programming is:
Since 1995 car manufacturers began to build cars with a better security system. The change in the security system is basically adding a chip to the key that has to be programmed into the vehicle in order to start it. These keys are called transponder keys.

What is a transponder key?
A transponder key is a key that has a chip inside it. It is another security measure that is designed to increase the security of the car.
This chip communicates with the transmitter of your car and only when there is proper communication between them, you can start the vehicle. A key which is not programmed to the car will still open the door and the trunk but will not start the vehicle.
Each vehicle has a different key and a suitable chip.

Remote control programming in Rochester, NY

A remote control works on a radio transmitter which has the capability of pushing a button to unlock and lock the vehicle. Also, the remote control has the ability to start the car if the plug is present in the vehicle.
There are many types of remote controls. Therefore, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you are purchasing a remote control yourself.
First, it is necessary to distinguish which is the appropriate FCC (Federal Communications Commission) for your vehicle.
Second, be aware of second hand remote control or transponder key purchases.

My locksmith provides programming car keys and remotes control services around the clock for almost all types of vehicles. Car transponder keys can be programmed without any existing working key. We have all kinds of transponder keys and remote controls for all makes and models except for the car keys that only dealership can program.

Type of car key and remote control we can program:

  • Transponder Key – A simple key with chip inside.
  • Key fob – Transponder key with remote control all in one unit.
  • Fobik – Remote key less system, fits into the slot on the dashboard in order to start the car.
  • Smart key – proximity (push to start and smart access into the car)
  • Remote control – A separate unit that allows you to lock and unlock your car.

Furthermore, we will erase the existing key from the system. This is in case that you lost your car keys and you don’t want them to be in foreign hands. So in any situation that you are in and you need a new car key or remote control, be sure to call us at (585)360-0131.
Our experienced technicians will arrive to your location within no time, equipped with all the equipment needed to meet your needs!