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My name is Sharon Zah.
Growing up in a locksmith family business, I do not only have the experience but also the knowledge of the different types of locks and securities solutions. As a locksmith, I am always up to date with the newest technology available in the locksmith industry. When I started out, my mission was simple: To change the face of the locksmith industry in Rochester, NY and help the people to better secure their property and their love!
We have been servicing the Monroe and Ontario County for years. We pursue professionalism and customer satisfaction to meet our customers’ needs. Our work is known for its reliable security and quality services.
I wrote this article to help you find answers for your questions – Rochester locksmith FAQS

How to find a Trustworthy Locksmith

We are Membership of ALOA (Associated Locksmiths Of America)

yes, we are licensed and insured, as well as a member of the ALOA (Associate Locksmiths of America).

The answer is absolutely, yes! If the safety of your family and your private property is important to you, the solution is quite simple, call us to re key your locks at home or business. You never know who has a key to your new home. It can be anyone that ever had access to this home. If your lock was master keyed, that means that there are a few keys that operate your lock.

Re-keying means you can keep your existing locks and hardware but requires changing the pins inside them so any copies of your old key will no longer work. Re-keying saves you time and money! click here for more information about locks re-key services.

Yes, but only if all the locks have the same key-way or are made by the same manufacturer.

Keying your locks alike can save you both time and energy. Since all the locks will be the same, you won’t have to spend the time searching for the right key. Keying all your locks alike is also a safe choice. If you ever find yourself in an emergency and need to get into your house quickly, you’ll know you have the right key the first time.

Master Key is the main key of a group of locks. Regular keys can unlock one matching lock, but the master key is able to unlock all the locks inside the group. Usually master keys are used by landlords or property managers. find out more about master key system

The answer depends on the lock. With many years of experience installing and repairing residential and commercial locks, I can tell if the lock can be fixed or needs to be replaced.

A dead-bolt such Mul-T-LOCK or MEDECO are the most secure options you can choose to defend your home or business. click here for more information.

of course! all we need to do is to drill a new hole. We are also aligning the bolt with the door frame. Feel free to browse locks installation page.

It’s not necessarily, some information can be useful. Our professional dispatcher will answer any questions and give you the information you need.

It can take between 15 to 30 minutes from your initial call. It depends on the distance, the weather conditions, and the availability of our technicians.

90% of the time our technicians will be able to access your house without any damage. Our technicians are highly skilled and have the best equipment in order to get the job done in a quick and professional manner. In case the lock cannot be picked and must be damaged, we won’t leave you with an unsecured home, we will provide you with a new lock in the same visit. click here for more information of home lockout services.

yes, this is one of our locksmith services we offer. Our expert technician will come to your location and make the key on site. as well as will save you money and time! check out our automotive service page.

yes, we can break in to a safe. Also, we can change combination code and install safes. for more information take a look on our safe services page.

We accept all major credit cards, as well as cash and checks.

No, you pay us directly and your insurance company will reimburse you if it is in your policy.

I hope I answered All your questions and concerns. if you still have more questions please contact us via email or call our 24-hour line at (585)360-0131. THANKS FOR TAKING YOUR TIME AND READ OUR ROCHESTER LOCKSMITH – FAQS page.
Sharon Zah, Owner.

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