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Most major institutions do not want their employees to carry a large amount of keys. Today, most businesses have a master key system to be able to control as to who has access to different areas in their buildings. Therefore, there is a master key system, to create different access levels.

What is a master key system?
This system allows you to control your property, business, or establishment more effectively by reducing the amount of keys you need to carry on yourself to open multiple doors at different access levels.
Additionally, each lock can be operated by an individual key and a master.

Sub master – Opens only one lock or locks that are identical. The lock that the sub master opens can also be opened by the master key or, in more complex systems, the grand master.
Master Key – The master key is the top level key. It opens every lock of the sub master key below it.
Grand Master Key – In a more complex system, the grand master will open all the locks in the system.

For example:
A company located in Building X that has three offices and each office has a manager with two employees.

  • The owner of the company will have a grand master that gives him access to the three offices and the workers’ rooms.
  • Each manager will have a master key that allows him access to his office, room, and employee rooms.
  • Each employee will have an individual key that allows him access to his personal room.

Here are the benefits :

Maximizes security and is easy to use
Allows you to control different access levels
Each individual has only one key that will grant him access to the permitted areas in the building
You can open all the door in your business with one key
It is more cost effective. We simply re-key your old locks so you don’t have to invest in expensive new hardware.
This system is ideal for customers with offices, residential complexes, schools, industrial facilities, banks, and etc.

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