High Security Locks

High Security Locks are made of stronger material than regular locks which make it almost impossible to drill the lock. They utilize cylinders that are nearly impossible to pick. The cylinder is designed a certain way that prevents foreign keys from entering it. The key cannot be copied as it is illegal to do so. Only licensed and qualified locksmiths are allowed to by law.

When you purchase the lock you will get a special card that looks like a credit card.
This card will need to be presented together with a photo ID in order to make a duplicate of the key. This process definitely gives you more control over who has a key to your home or business.
These locks are more expensive than the usual locks, but they definitely justify the the extra protection they offer.

My Locksmith highly recommends that you update your regular lock to a high security lock. The extra security eliminates the possibility of the ability of picking the lock or duplicating the key. This certainly reduces the chances of a break-in! With this lock, you can be sure that your home or business is extra secure. Also, our technicians are experts in installing high security locks for commercial and residential properties. They will advise you on which lock will best suit you.

We work with the best sellers in the security industry and offer the most secure locks and keys in the locksmith market for residential and commercial properties. They include: Medeco, Mul T Lock, KABA, ASSA, Schlage and more.