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Keyless Door Locks

Keyless Door locks have been manufactured by the latest technology to allow you easy access whenever you use the door.
These locks are used by a smart card / remote control, smartphone, fingerprint reader, or pin code.

We are very up to date with technology and offer a wide range of key-less locks.
Our technicians are skilled in how to specifically install these locks for businesses and homes.

There are a number of keyless entry trades for both commercial and residential purposes.
Each type has its own advantage, the decision should be made by whichever method you prefer to open the door.

Here are some types of keyless entry systems:

  1. Smart Lock – one of the most convenient and advanced locks. They exist in different forms, such as
    a deadbolt or lever handle and are controlled by a smartphone and Bluetooth.
  2. PIN Code – one of the most popular locks which is activated by entering the pin code from an existing manual. It also exists in the different forms.
  3. Remote control or card – can be used by clearing a magnetic card or attaching the remote. In this security system you can create different levels of access control.
  4. Bio-metric lock – one of the locks with the most advanced technological security. This security system is usually triggered by physical data such as a fingerprint or scan of facial features or retina.

My Locksmith highly recommends that you take advantage of the highly innovative technology, so our lives can be  safer and easier. Let us lead you to a more comfortable life!