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Safe Opening Rochester NY

Safes have always been useful to anyone who wishes to keep their money, jewelry, documents, weapons and valuables safely put away from strangers.
Today there are safes in almost every business, office, and home; but what happens when you lose access to a safe?
My Locksmith offers professional safe services such as:

  • Safe opening Rochester, NY– If you lost your key, or if you have forgotten the combination to your safe, you don’t have to panic. Our skilled technicians are equipped with special tools for opening safes of all kinds.
  • Safe installation – Obviously, if the safe is not heavy enough, anyone can just grab it, bring it home, and try to open it by force. Therefore, my locksmith offers installation services for safes that prevent this possibility. Such as: bolting the safe to the floor or to the wall.
  • Change combination – If you have lost your operating instructions or don’t understand how to change the Combination for your safe, let our experts do it for you.
  • Change batteries – We change batteries for any type of safe.
  • Safe repair – We also repair safes that are damaged or do not work properly.

We offer  services on different type of safes, Such as:

Composite Safe

Amsec - TL 15 high security safe

These safes are
security safes
more expensive but
are used for
multiple purposes.

jewelry safe

Luxury Jewelry Safe

A safe that is designed
for high value property,
such as:
jewelry, gold, diamonds,
and more.

Fireproof Safe

sentry safe - fireproof safe

A type of safe
that is designed
to protect any
documents from
being damage
in a fire.

Gun Safe

Elite Gun Safe

you will use this type
of safe for storing a
weapons, handguns, magazine,
and gear

Deposit Safe

Deposited safe

This kind of safe
allows anyone to
slide documents
in and prevents
to have access
to  them.

safe services in Rochester NYAs part of our safe services we are offering a free consultation service to help you understand what safe is better for you according to your personal needs

for safe services – We are available every day of the week at any hour of the day! Please feel free to call us at (585)360-0131. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. CONTACT US.